Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blog Post #2

What will teaching be like in the 21st Century?

Willy Wonka meme

     I think that the central idea of the Mr. Dancealot video is that when you have class who is depending on you to teach them and you're just throwing ideas at them with no real instruction, there will be very little understanding and comprehension.  The students in the class obviously suffered from not being able to practice the dance moves and completely see when the instructor was demonstrating them himself.  I think the author shows a very good point in that a good classroom setting should allow students to practice what they are learning while receiving constructive feedback from the teacher.  I very much agree with this, students need practice and assurance they are doing something correctly so they will not second guess themselves and panic when it comes time for an exam they are not nearly ready for.

     To me, Rogers believes that teaching in the 21st century is more about applying things the students already knows to those that they may not know already.  Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all serve as more of a distraction to me rather than something that may help me in the long run.  That is because I was raised to do everything with pen and paper, and it was all turned in during a class session.  The younger generation of students are being raised around all kinds of technology and have access to it much earlier than I did myself.  I will have to keep these things in mind and utilize these technological advances in the classroom-hopefully EDM310 will help me with that! 

     Drexler's video, The Networked Student, presents an interesting idea for me.  Can students be fully educated online without any face-to-face contact with a teacher? With further consideration, I think yes they can.  HOWEVER! Students needs time to meet and speak to other people in order to socialize and prepare themselves for the business world.  I know for a fact if my classes were all online and required no physical meetings, I would never leave my house! This would put me far behind anyone else and hinder me in my future endeavors, but I wouldn't consider that until it was too late.  

     So.  Who's Ahead in the Learning Race? Well, according to the video, it would be the 3rd graders.  I do not think this video is fair at all though.  Sure, these third graders have only had their Macs for two days and seem to be very advanced in comparison to the others referred in the video, but they are what is fondly talked about as the "Technology Generation".  More than likely they have had a cell phone or tablet in their hands since they could grasp the object.  Us older folks have not had that advantage and are having to teach ourselves every little thing about this technology.  So in answer to the question, I think the leader in the race would be determined by who's perspective you're looking at it from.

     I have never heard of this "flipping the classroom" but I think it is the worst idea in a public school setting.  In my classroom, I would never rely on this strategy, ever! The parent's of students are just as lazy as the kids can be.  Most of them work throughout the day and do not want to come home and be a teacher to their child.  What about the parents who barely even feed and take care of their kids when they come home, the parents that may not even come home some nights? I know we don't want to think these people exist and we just want to believe that everything will turn out perfectly, but we cannot do that when education is involved.  Private schools can enforce this rule, but public schools cannot.  I do not think it will be fair to grade a student on something that will ultimately be their parent's responsibility.  

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blog Post #1

In Regards to EDM310......

     EDM310 is a class I know little about, yet I have heard a lot about.  Rumors and stories about good times and bad times.  Mostly, I have heard that it is a whole lot of work but is very rewarding in the end.  A coworker took the class a couple semesters ago and they advised me to obtain some sort of Apple product or to make sure that someone in my group has an Apple product.  They also warned me to drop as much of everything else I can because this is a highly intensive and demanding class. Others have warned me to always be on time and put forth effort, no matter how unqualified or confused I feel!
     Even though all of these things seem to have been validated during the first class session, I am not that afraid of EDM310.  I'm thinking of it as just another class that I need in order to become a good educator.  If I have to pick something to be worried about, it would be the sheer volume of work needed for this class.  I do work part-time, and am taking 6 classes this semester.  So I am very nervous about being able to finish everything with the quality of work I usually expect from myself.  However, dropping a class or quitting my job isn't an option so I will have to discipline myself and learn to manage my time better.  I'll have to learn these skills eventually so I might as well perfect them now.
      EDM310 is going to be like none of the other classes I have taken, in high school or college.  Looking back on my high school career, I realize how much of a joke it was compared to college classes.  The only thing I can compare my high school classes with that of EDM310 is the group work.  There was a lot of that in high school, but I have a sneaky suspicion that it was simply because teachers would have less things to grade.  I believe EDM310's group work will be different, I think it will be highly beneficial-mainly so we can all help each other keep up with the work that is due.  I have had one team based learning class in college, but we really only had one group project and simply worked together in class for discussions.  I hope this EDM310 class has better groups than that Literature class did!
     I think the most difficult thing for me in EDM310 is going to be simply keeping up with everything.  I have always struggled with organization and timing in regards to any kind of school work.  I hope this class will force me to get a tighter grip on that though, and allow me to better skills that I know will be important for use in a classroom setting.
     The best way for me to address this "difficult aspect" is to just be better disciplined.  I love the idea of the checklist and I have already printed it out and am utilizing it.  I purchased a daily planner so I can keep track of everything and when I need to have things done and turned in.  I'm going to keep up with everything and do things on time, early if I can!
       I don't have any questions about EDM310 right now.  I'm just ready to get started! As soon as I have questions though, I will email and ask away! Never hurts to ask!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Practice Blog Post

I. About myself
     A. Ireland, New Jersey, Orlando, Mobile
     B. Disney, Singing, League of Legends, Game of Thrones
     C. Scholarship, Local
     D. Family
2. Eduaction
     A. My mom is a teacher
     B. Love to help others
3. Modern Day Educator
     A. Responsible
     B. Technology literate
     C. Level-headed
4. 2 of my own pictures
5. Interests
     A. Work at Best Buy
     B. Travel frequently

     Hi, EDM 310 class! My name is Kathryn Annette Ortmann but I prefer to be called Katy. I was born in gorgeous Carrickfergus, a charming little settlement close to Dublin in Ireland.  I lived there for 5 years, and then moved to the States where we made a stop in New Jersey for a year and continued to Mobile-where I have been ever since.  Except for the two months out of each year I pack up everything and go to Orlando, where I perform as Mrs. Potts for the Beauty and the Beast show live.  I am attending South Alabama because it is close to home and my grandfather isn't doing very well health wise, so I want to be close to him as long as I can.
      My family is a hoot! My mom is a first grade teacher that has a strong love-hate relationship with her job.  My dad is a chemical engineer who works shift work, so I see him very rarely due to schedules that are never the same.  My little brother is pretty much a mini-me.  And that's why we don't get along very well! However, we're growing together and can tolerate each other more and more everyday.  Our family is ruled by Queen Sadie and King Vader (the family dog and cat).  Some personal information about me.....well, as you can tell I love Disney! I am part of the Mickey Mouse Club for sure! I was on Barney when I was younger, and got to sing and dance with the dinosaur himself.  Growing up without a Southern accent was hard, I eventually just taught myself one and I am sad to say I have pretty much lost all of my Irish brogue. Today I am a huge nerd! I love everything from Pokemon to Star Wars, and am currently obsessed with the PC game, League of Legends.  I devote entirely too much of my time to it and I should probably uninstall it for the span of this semester.

     I want to enter the field of education mainly because I like to help people.  All of my friends and family call me Mama Katy, because I am all up in their business whether they like it or not.  Teaching is a great form of helping others, and they'll end up with more out of it then my unappreciative friends do! Another reason I want to teach is because my mom is a teacher, and I see every day how much she enjoys what she does and all the rewards she receives daily.

     A modern day teacher should expect to be responsible.  They should be prepared to do their work themselves and not rely on other to do it for them.  Teachers should also have a good understanding of the technology used in their classrooms, they will be teaching the "technology generation" after all.  Lastly, teachers need to be level headed, they cannot fly off the handle in a rage when someone tells them they have done something wrong or they need to redo something.  I guess this should be for all teachers though, not just for those in the 21st century.

miniature pineapple upside down cakes

My first picture is of mini pineapple upside down cakes.  I love baking, not cooking, but baking.  Bread, pie, cookies, cakes, anything that is made in the oven is something I love to do.  I would say its an obsession, not just a like-and I think I'm pretty good at it too! Source: Me!

Cinderella's castle at Disney World in Orlando, FloridaMy second picture is of my favorite place in the world, Disneyworld.  I chose this picture because it is where I have been able to let my skills expand and grow. I love singing and am pretty decent at it (what I've been told).  At Disney in the Magic Kingdom, I play the role of Mrs. Potts in the Beauty and the Beast, Live.  I get to dance and sing on stage, while acting as a motherly teapot. I would love to continue to better my musical skill, as well as that of the acting side.   Source: Me! 
Just a couple other things to know about me: I work at the Best Buy in the Springdale Mall.  I am a part-time employee in the Connections department, which specializes in cell phones, tablets, speakers, and headphones.  I love my job and the people I work with.  We are one big family and often do things outside of work so we can get to know each other better.  I am a very approachable person, if you have a question, ask me! My biggest pet peeve is making plans with someone and then cancelling last minute or not even telling them you are cancelling.  Rude! Haha, but that's pretty much it! I hope we have an awesome class and we all learn nifty things to use as future educators.