Sunday, September 28, 2014

C4K's for September

Picture depicting the world september

For the almost the entire month of September, I was assigned the blog of Taeshell, a student in the PT England School in New Zealand.  Taeshell is a big fan of Math and Science and often post about them in her blog.  The other student I was assigned is Toliver, a fourth grade student in Nebraska. Toliver's blog is found here.

      Taeshell's blog post was about a Popplet she made to describe synonyms for the words 'lots'.  Prior to seeing Taeshell's post, I had never heard of Popplet and I told her so.  I described EDM310 to Taeshell and thanked her for the opportunity to use her wealth of knowledge in technology to better my understanding of its use in the classroom.  I also learned some new words for lots, I never knew there were so many synonyms!

Cartoon of child and dad talking about blogging      Toliver is a fascinating student.  He is very passionate about his love of fall.  He enjoys football, pumpkin pie, and spending time with family.  Also, jumping in leaves.  Who doesn't enjoy a good time in the leaves? I told Toliver about Mobile, and its still feels like summer here most days.  I also agreed with him on his love of football and gave him the reason I love fall-which is because I can wear cool scarves and hats.

      Taeshell's most recent post is a video she made for her assignment titled "Game On".  I can honestly say that I know nothing about the sport of tennis.  Taeshell managed to change that for me.  Her short movie about the history and mechanics of tennis left me with the knowledge to go a few rounds and not make a complete fool of myself.  She used hand drawn pictures and animations in her video, something I have not thought to do.  Her video has inspired me to do even better on my videos and presentations.

Commenting on Taeshell's and Toliver's blogs this past month has made me realize how adept children are at using technology.  In order to keep up with them in the classroom, teachers are going to have their work cut out for them.  I am going to work harder to understand these technologies and better myself as a modern day teacher so I can give students the best education, just like they deserve!

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