Sunday, September 14, 2014

Project #15

Search Engines
LinkedIn icon
  1. LinkedIn is a search engine used to make business connections.  It allows users to find job openings with any criteria the seeker may want to narrow down.  I have personally used this search engine, and I found my job at Best Buy by entering in specific things I was looking for in a job.  I will continue to use LinkedIn as a means of finding jobs in the teaching community when I am ready throughout my career. 
  2. Addict-o-Matic allows its users to create tags and continuously come back to its site to check up on those tags.  Each one shows up on the engine's home page, so users may view multiple results at once.  I like that the site allows users to sort the results by sources and users can ignore certain types of sources they chose.  Visit Addict-o-Matic  
Addict-o-matic icon
logo for WolframAlpha       3. Wolfram Alpha is a search engine geared towards calculations and general information.  You can ask it a range of questions and get back unique answers.  I love that the same search engine can answer a complicated math problem at the same time it is telling me what the highest mountain in the world is.  Visit Wolfram Alpha 
      4. BoardReader is a site I use often.  This search engine allows its users to search through forum posts according to subject and dates.  I love this site.  It lets me search through various recipes and sets of instructions to make daily life easier.  I also use it to see if anyone has come up with a home remedy for the common cold-like that will ever happen haha! Visit Boardreader 

      5. Regator is a search engine for blogs.  It allows its users to search through all of the blogs on the internet and narrow the blogs down by dates, if the post has video or audio, and other criteria.  I personally have used this site before, when I blog on my personal blog outside of this class.  I like being nosy and finding out what others are posting and talking about! Visit Regator

Regator logo
      6. Flickr is a search engine funded by Yahoo! This site allows users to search through a variety of images posted to the internet.  These images may be screenshots, illustrations, photos, or videos.  I have had great success with Flickr as it is simply based on images and I do not have to worry about any of the text that may me involved with the site.  Visit Flickr

Clipblast logo      7. Clipblast is how I stay up to date on what is going around the world.  Clipblast is a search engine for videos.  It allows you to find professional videos such a news broadcasts, podcasts, and commercials.  Some sources include ESPN, BBC, and CNN.  I like this engine because it allows me to have the latest news and videos about any topic I want.  I can narrow the videos down by popular topics, a topic I wish to watch videos about, or the channel I am looking for something from.  Visit Clipblast 

      8. Sleedo is a search engine I have bookmarked and as my homepage on my laptop.  Sleedo is powered by Google, but for every search you complete with them they will donate 10 grains of rice to the poor.  At first I thought, well that's not very many.  But then I got to thinking, I probably complete 1,000-1,500 web searches every week.  That's at least 10,000 grains of rice donated each week.  Please use this web page as you would use the usually Google search engine-this one just does good for the world! Visit Sleedo 
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