Sunday, November 9, 2014

C4T #3

Twenty-seven ways to make the year betterThe Library Girl

     Jennifer LaGarde (aka library girl!) is a Librarian Ambassador and Education Road Warrior!  As an Educator on Loan for the NC Department of Public Instruction, she travels across the land working with school librarians, classroom teachers, principals, superintendents - literally ANYONE who needs help building or making the most of a 21st century school library.

10/26: 27 Ways to Make This the Best Year Ever
      Ms. LaGarde's post this week is all about how to enjoy teaching and keep it fun for you and the students.  LaGarde gives tips and tricks on how to make the year enjoyable and how not to get burned out on doing the same thing semester after semester, year after year.  My comment is, I'm assuming, still under moderation.  I simply told Ms. LaGards how much I am liking her blog and that I really got a lot of knowledge and encouragement out of her post.  As a future teacher, I worry about what will happen if I am to get tired of it, or just plain fed up with it.  She, however, has given me courage to move along and not worry about it to much, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it!

11/9: The Art of Listening
      Ms. LaGarde's post is about listening and learning about what other teachers have to say.  LaGarde discusses how she had a meeting with the other teachers and asked, as the librarian, how she could get teachers to believe that coming to the library is a good use of instruction time.  She got back very good and thoughtful answers, but she was surprised to see that so many of them started off by thanking her for asking their opinion.  People just want to be listened to, and teachers are people too!  My comment stated that I appreciated The Library Girl's acknowledgment that teachers really and truly appreciate being listened to.

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