Sunday, November 30, 2014

C4T #4

      David Mulder currently serves as Instructor of Education at Dordt College. Previously he served Christian schools in California and Iowa teaching a variety of subjects, mostly in grades 5-8. His most recent position prior to Dordt was Technology Coordinator at Sioux Center Christian School.

11/16: Reflecting on Social Presence is about Mulder finally meeting up with the people he has an online class with.  He discusses how important communication is and how we should strive to do so, no matter what methods must be used.

My Comment:
      My name is Kathryn Ortmann and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am studying to be an English teacher and am currently taking a class on how to use technology in a classroom. I have been keeping up with your blog for a while now and I really appreciate this post. I know that as a teacher, I am going to have to remember that my fellow staff is there to help me, and I am going to have to communicate with them. I can imagine how difficult it is to take online classes and talk virtually to people, but never end up meeting them. I'm so glad you finally did and were able to put a face to a name! I love your blog, and thanks for talking about what you do. 

      Bored in Class is about keeping students engaged during lectures and how to avoid the "glowing screen" of their technology that is used when they are bored.  He also posted this picture:
Keeping students engaged in the classroom while lecturing

My comment:
      This picture really had me thinking and considering my role as a teacher. I have spent the past semester learning how to be a teacher, and not many of those classes have stressed engaging the students and keeping them involved in the lesson. I know, as a student myself, that glowing screen is going to be waaaaaay more interesting to students then what I am talking about. I hope I can use technology to keep them engaged, instead of them using technology to pass the time during my class. Thanks for the post!

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