Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blog Post #10

What Can We Learn from Ms. Cassidy?

Lab and friends Nintendogs game for the Nintendo Ds      Watching Ms. Cassidy's video, Little Kids...Big Potential, showed me that students as young as first grade are really enthusiastic about using technology in their classrooms, it's not just the teachers.  I really liked the usage of the Nintendo DS and the Nintendogs game, and not only because I love the game myself.  I never would have thought about using a video game to teach students about responsibility and team work.  I think I could very easily implement this in my classroom, even though I am planning to teach in a high school setting.  High school students may first view playing a Nintendo game as child-like, but I am fairly certain they will enjoy the act very quickly, especially after we make it into a classroom competition.  They will be getting teamwork experience without even really knowing it!

Female computer technician       In the video interview Dr. Strange did with Ms. Cassidy, Cassidy 13 Part 1, Ms. Cassidy talks about having a technology coordinator.  Now, I know this isn't something I can really use in the classroom setting, but I think it is vital to have someone in charge of all the technology if you are going to be heavily using it during school.  One person that can keep up with the ever changing technology and handle any sorts of questions or problems that may occur while using technology.  At my mom's elementary school, they have a technology board.  One teacher from each grade level is chosen or volunteers to meet with the group so they can learn new techniques and share ideas with each other.  They then go back and talk about these new things with the others on their grade level.  I think have some people or a person in charge of the technology will make it easier and less stressful to use for teachers, especially those wary of technology in the first place.

      In the video interview Dr. Strange did with Ms. Cassidy, Cassidy 13 Part 3, Ms. Cassidy talks about blogging depending on the year and what type of students and resources she has available.   Watching this interview, I am thinking more about how I can use blogging in my own classroom.  As an English teacher, my students can make book trailers and presentation about what they have read, and then post it on their class blog so I can grade it that way and leave feedback,  Other students can also leave feedback and suggestions for their fellow classmates.  I can have one major class blog to post reminders and assignments for students so they do not have to worry about losing the piece of paper they may have written the assignment on.  The only problem I might face with this is students that do not have access to a computer or tablet at home, in which case I will have to make sure the give them plenty of time to work on assignments during class-which will just give me more of an opportunity for group work!

Watching Ms. Cassidy's video and interviews have certainly opened my eyes to the benefits of technology in the classroom, and has showed me how much students actually enjoy using it.  I'm looking forward to incorporating technology into my classroom someday!

It's not 1989. The excuse I'm not good with computers is no longer acceptable


  1. Hi Kathryn,
    Your blog is well organized!!! I think that by adding blogs to your classroom ,this will allow students to take charge of their learning. PBL is based of off students taking charger of their learning and being engaged.