Sunday, October 12, 2014

C4T #2

Summary of Comments for Teachers

Picture of Brian Bennett
       Brian Bennett is completing his Master's Degree in Education Technology and is focused on improving digital teaching and learning strategies.  I have commented for the past two weeks on two of his posts.

Week 6: I commented on Bennett's post entitled "Abstraction".  I had to read this post several times to grasp the full meaning, but when I did, it really struck a note with me.  Abstraction is a funny thing.  Bennett uses the definition of "the essence of abstraction is singling out one feature, which, in contrast to the other properties, is considered to be particularly important important".  I made the comment of the term "abstract" in reference to an English essay.  My major is Secondary English Education and I have seen the word "abstract" appear on several of my papers.  I also commented that Bennett's post made me realize that in those papers, I may have truly only focused on one aspect and didn't focus as much on the other qualities for the paper, but I did chose one thing that was important to me. 

Week 8: I commented on Bennett's post entitled "Bathoughts".  Bennett describes bath time with his daughter and their game of throwing foam letter against the side of the tub.  Bennett boasts that he can get one out of every seven attempts to stick to the side.  I commented and told Bennett that I play the same game with my niece and she is much better at it than I am.  Bennett asks if the reader would describe the sticking as adhesion or cohesion and what the reader's students might respond.  I told Bennett that I think it is adhesion because the letter is sticking to the tub, which is water attaching itself to a different matter,  However, I told Bennett that my students may think of the process as cohesion because the side of the tube is wet and so it the letter, which means the process is water attaching to water.   

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