Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blog Post #9

What Can Teachers and Students Teach Us About Project Based Learning?

Words describing Project Based Learning

      Just when I think I know all there is to know about PBL, I get the chance to learn new and more fascination things! 

      In the Seven Essentials for Project-Based Learning, I learned steps to make the Project Based Learning application process easier.  The article stresses that in order to keep the attention of your students, you must first capture their attention.  This grasping information can be a video, a lovely discussion, a guest speaker, a field trip, or anything that interests the students enough so that they will want to keep learning about what the unit is about.

      While watching Profect-Based Learning for Teachers, I discovered how much technology can really be used during PBL.  In our EDM310 class, I thought I was overwhelmed with the methods we learn to use on a daily basis, but this video lists some I have never even heard in a matter of a few minutes.  This video really opened my eyes to how much work I have to do so that my students receive the best education I can give them and that means being open to and aware of all the technology I can so if they have a question, I can have an answer for them!

      Project Based Learning in PE ,whaaaaaaat?  I never thought about PBL working for a PE classroom, but now I realize it's something I did often during some of my PE classes.  Like in middle school.  We were placed in groups and assigned a song to create a dance with and share with the whole class.  It was so much fun ad we all got to learn different styles of dancing! Project Based Learning doesn't have to be difficult, and it helps ideas stick better then those learned during individual learning.

      I chose to watch PBL: What motivates students so that I could find out what really does motivate students.  I was surprised to know that students really do like when teachers compliment them and share their work with the whole class.  I previously thought this just embarrassed most students and they would rather not be recognized for doing the work the correct way.  PBL handles this recognition very well, since one of the lasts steps is to present the results of the project to the class.  I am looking forward to using PBL as a tool to motivate my students to succeed!

      Okay.  I am a ketchup fan, I have to admit it.  I was pretty excited to read Two Students Solve the Case of the Watery Ketchup by Designing a New Cap.  Watery ketchup is the most disappointing thing in the world, especially when it ruins whatever you were about to eat.  I was greatly interested and thrilled to see the amount of effort and work students put into something they are passionate about.  This just goes to show that PBL must be introduced to students correctly so that they are inspired to do their best.  The results are much better when they care about finding something cool and new during the process.  


  1. Hi Kathryn! I really enjoyed reading your blog. I was also excited to learn about how much thought and effort was put into the new ketchup cap. I couldn't believe 2 high schoolers accomplished so much! PBL is definitely a great way to teach. "I never thought about PBL working for a PE classroom, but know I realize its something I did often during some of my PE classes." Know should be now, and its should be it's. Great post! I can tell you put a lot of thought into it.

  2. "Just when I think I know all there is to know about PBL, I get the chance to learn new and more fascination things!" fascinating, not fascination You will never know "all there is to know' about anything!

    "...and aware of all the technology I can be …" Omit be.

    "We were place in groups…" placed, not place

    "...were given a song and the task to create a dance to teach to the whole class." End the sentence with song. Your net sentence should start with Our task was to create….


    Thoughtful. Interesting.