Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blog Post #7

How do we all become Learners?

The word 'learn' with a computer mouse

How to Make an Audio QR Code
      Audio QR codes are something I was not very familiar with. Its basically a bar code with some sort of information attached to it.  Ms. Bennett of Gulf Shores has made a fantastic video detailing how to make an audio version of this QR code that can be used for messages or for recording the recitation of a book for students to listen to.  Ms. Bennett recommends using this site to record audio and make it into a URL code.  Then she sends us to this site to generate the QR code using the URL made from the first site.  The the second site generates an image and you just copy and paste that image to a Microsoft Word document and there's the QR code! Students can make their own codes for their parents to scan and then the parents can stay up to date on what their students are doing in class.

iPad Reading Center
      Centers is a fond memory for me.  I love the idea of using the iPad to get students more involved in their activities.  When they are having fun, it doesn't seem as much like work to them.  My mom is a first grade teacher and she uses centers as a different way to teach, the kids are more teaching themselves and she is just there to solve problems and trouble-shoot.  I think using the iPad as a way to record and then play back to determine how well the students did is great.  The students get to correct their own mistakes and learn where they may have to do more work than other places in order to fully learn the material.

Poplet with Ginger Tuck
      Poplet is an app that allows students to make a web that centers on one idea and they can expand on that idea in little bubbles around the subject.  Students can insert pictures and text into the app and use it in their own poplets.  As children learn more about their main subject, they can fill in more space and area to record their findings in an easy to understand way.

AVL and Kindergarten Resources
      Alabama Virtual Library is a listing of all types of information regarding a search word.  Information includes pictures, audio clips, and descriptions of that search criteria.  I didn't really like AVL usage, but I can see how it is useful to teach students meanings of words they may not understand or they will be learning to spell in future lessons.

Tammy Shirley Discovery Education Board Builder Moon Project
      Ms. Shirley is a first grade teacher at Gulf Shores Elementary teaching us how to use Discovery Education Boards.  Education Boards have titles and then various pictures and text boxes that explain what the students has learned from their research on their titles.  Education Boards can be shared with others so they can learn from that Board.  This will be a great tool for students to use as they research to keep their information organized and for them to share what they have learned with others.

      I do not think I am 100% prepared to be able to use technology in the classroom. I have definitely improved from when I first started EDM310 though, when I thought this whole thing was pointless and just another class taking our money before we can graduate.  However, I am now realizing that technology is present, no matter how much or how little we want it to be and it is something I have to learn to deal with in the classroom setting.  I have become an expert on iMovie and various apps such as poplet and education boards in the past month.  I still lack expertise in using Google sites and the various aspects to that, but I am learning every day!  I do not think I will have any problems using these tools to help with project based learning style in the classroom-students working together is something I am looking forward to perfecting and using. The only thing I am really worried about is coming up with an accurate grading system to use when assessing group work.  Hopefully I can perfect that before I really have to use PBL in my own classroom some day soon.


  1. Great job on this post, Kathryn. I really liked how in depth you went into describing each application that the videos were about. It seems like you are doing really well in understanding all of the technology. I think you are going to do a great job incorporating it into your classroom. I am kind of nervous about it, too. However, I do think that AVL is a useful tool. I looked at it a little while ago, and there are a lot of resources for the kids. There are some researching tools and some games (I think) on it as well. Great job on the post and keep up the good work!

    Natalie Thomson

  2. "I didn't really like AVL usage,…" Why not?

    "...but I am learning every day! " That's what it takes!

    "The only thing I am really worried about is coming up with an accurate grading system to use when assessing group work. " What do you know about how people do it? How do i do it? What rubrics are available? There is a lot in Prensky's book that will help you learn how to do this.

    "Hopefully I can perfect that before…" I doubt that you will "perfect it." I certainly haven't!

    Thoughtful. Interesting.