Sunday, October 12, 2014

Blog Post #8

What Can We Learn About Teaching and Learning from Randy Pausch?

image of Randy Pausch

      "You just have to decide if you're a Tigger or an Eeyore.  I think I'm clear on where I stand in the great Tigger/Eeyore debate.  Never lose the childlike wonder.  Its just too important.  Its what drives us."--Randy Pausch, Achieving Your Childhood Dreams  

      I had to listen and watch this video a couple of times before I really was able to understand what was right in front of me.  Randy Pausch is such a great inspiration and has truly inspired me to continue on the path of what I want to be, and educator.  Pausch covers many concepts of teaching and learning, I am going to try and cover a majority of it but I don't think I can nearly describe it all.  

      Pausch stresses always asking for advice from colleagues and peers.  This concept goes along with the Project Based Learning that we have been learning about in class.  The best ideas come from those around you.  When Pausch did not know the best way to do something, he asked his peers for their ideas and how they would solve the problem.  If we can keep this in mind, everyone will do well!
      One of the things Pausch suggests many times is the same that we have discussed in class.  Stay a Learner.  Pausch says to stay curious and you will be able to keep your students just as curious.  Pausch gives the example of him teaching Building Virtual Worlds.   His students quickly exceeded the expectations set for them and Pausch did not know what to do after that.  A mentor told him to simply ask for more.  Pausch did, and his students gave it.  As they learned more, so did he.  Because he was open to the ideas and the changes, the students saw him learning and they made an effort to do the same.  
      Sharing is the most important thing I got out of this lecture.  Sharing allows others to see how you are solving problems and how they have solved their problems.  Sharing really is caring!

      Pausch never stops stressing that we should "never stop pursuing your childhood dreams".  This phrase is so important and is one I will always have in mind from now on in my career.  Teachers and students both should always pursue what they truly want to do when they were children, it is the most accurate to what they really wish to do.  Determination is a key quality when teaching.  Determined teachers will not be frustrated and convinced to give up on a student or a concept when just one problem comes up.  Pausch also gives information and advice on a technique called "head fake".  This technique involves teaching a skill to a student by making them think it is something totally different,  I am looking forward to using this technique in the classroom, its a bit like reverse psychology for the classroom! 


  1. Hey, Kathryn, enjoyed your post. Pausch's last lecture was amazing. I think he is one of the teacher's that are a teacher. He taught past his life. I did not see any grammatical errors. I did notice some extra spaces that occurred in your blog. I did not notice any other errors. The post was good.